25 days Lent - Advent Lent
25 day Lent – before the Nativity of our Lord (Advent Lent) From December 1st to 25th Christmas
3 days Lent - Moonnu noimbu
Begins on Monday, the third week before the beginning of the Great Lent (50 days Lent). It is also know as the fast of Jonah since it commemorates the conversion of Nineveh through the preaching of prophet Jonah
50 days Lent - The Great Lent
Forty days of fast in seven weeks which ends on Friday ( Nalpatham Velly ) before the passion week. The fast gets completed only after 10 more days with the Easter. The Monday, the beginning of the Lent, Subukono is a special service called the service of reconciliation.
13 days Lent - The Apostles Fast
June 16th to 29th 13 days corresponding to the nummber of 12 apostles and St.Paul. Reminds us of the responsibility in the Church and missionary activities.
15 days Lent - Aug 1st to 15th
The Fast before the Migration of Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. August 1st to 15th. Feast of Sunoyo (Migration) of the Mother of God.