What is prayer?
Prayer is communion or communication with God expressing ourselves to Him and receiving His Love. Prayer is done by the whole man, body, soul and spirit.
Our prayers should not be selfish.
In prayer the first focus is God.
The second focus is all the others fellow beings.
In the third place we ask things for ourselves.
Why do we pray?
By prayer we become more like God, more loving, more wise, more powerful, more kind and good.
Holy Communion?
Holy Communion nourishes our soul and body and aids our strengthening and growth of spiritual life.
How do we Prepare ourselves to receive Holy Communion?
Seven Holy Sacraments?
Holy Qurbana – ( Queen of all Sacraments )
Anointment of the Sick
Syriac Words Used in Holy Qurbana?
Amen – So be it
Barekmor – Bless us O Lord
Shubaho labo labaro val ruho kaadeeso – Praise to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
Men oalum Vaada mol oalum ol meen amen – From the beginning and for ever and ever
Sthaumen Kalos – We should stand upright
Kuriyelaison – Lord have mercy upon us
Miriyo Rahem melain u aadarain – Lord help us by having mercy upon us
Promeyon – preface
Sedra – Order or series
Hoosoyo – Prayer for remission of sins
Kukiliyon – a cycle of prayers