The Church is 4 KM away from Electonics City, 1 KM away from Christ Academy and 8 KM away from Begur. Holy Qurbana is celebrating in Sundays and special days. Evening prayer is conducting in Saturdays. Prayer meeting is organized in houses in Sundays. The various active organizations are Sunday school, Youth Movement, Students Movement and Marthamariyam Samajam. The church is consisting of  345 members with 91 families.

The Church Madhbaha is blessed with three Thronose. The main Thronose is constructed in the name of St.Mary, North Thronose is built in the name of St. Gregorios of Parumala and South Thronose is built in the name of St. Geevarghese Mar Dionysius of Vattasseril.

The main perunnal of church is on 15th August, in memory of St.Mary.


The Past

The St. Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral parish members in and around Hongasandra formed a Prayer group and got together twice in a month. Later Hongasandra ward has been formed and Mr. Peeter Sam elected as the managing committee member. Mr. John P David and Mr. PK Mathew was managing committee member for the following years. Holy Qurbana started celebrating in Hongasandra area twice in a month starting from October 2005.

Cathedral purchased a plot in January 2007 measuring 17000 Sq. ft in S.Bingipura. The foundation stone was blessed by HG Dr. Yakoob Mar Irenios on 25th February 2007.
Construction committee was selected with Mr. Samuel P Varghese as the Convener and Mr. PK Joseph, Mr. Peeter Sam and Prof. Thomas Tharakan as office bearers from Hongasandra area. Fr. TK Thomas laid the foundation stone on 15th May 2008. The Consecration was done on 8th August 2009 by HG Abraham Mar Epiphanius.  Rev PC Philip Core Episcopa and Fr Varghese P Idichandi were former Vicar of the church.

God’s ways are quite mysterious and unknown to man. The beginning and growth of St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Begur is a fine example of His abundant grace and His beautiful plans for the people who love and worship Him. Read more