About Lenten Retreat 2018  – March 18, 2018

Great Lent is a period of spiritual ‘combat’ which we must experience alongside Jesus… using the arms of faith, prayer, listening to the word of God and repentance. This Retreat is meant to help the youth to slow down and have a time to look back and look into oneself and also enable us to celebrate His Resurrection at Easter.

The theme of this year’s Retreat “Repent now, tomorrow might be too late

Why Lenten Retreat is needed

During Lenten times, we face temptations and provocations. As we know, they come at us even more forcefully during periods of additional fasting and prayer. Let’s face it, not only do evil spirits have more incentive to attack us at such times, but we ourselves are more vulnerable when we fast, because we are tired and cranky, and therefore more susceptible.

Retreats during the Lent period is focussed on the youth in our Church to strengthen their relationships with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and encourage them to be active sacramental participants in the life of the Body of Christ.

Hosts for Lenten Retreat 2018

This season of Lenten Retreat is brought to you by OCYM-MGOCSM of St.Mary’s Orthodox Church, Begur. We look forward to your participation in the retreat and stay Blessed while we enter the Passion Week.

Program schedule

Holy Qurbana starts at 8:00 AM, led by H.G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim, followed by breakfast and then, “Renewing our Covenant with God this Lent” through Lenten Retreat, by Rev. Fr. Jackson Mathews John (Delhi Diocese).

Speaker for Lenten Retreat

Introducing our guest of honour and speaker is a great privilege, a person of virtue and simplicity, besides perseverance and hard work. Rev. Fr. Jackson Mathews John, would drive us through this, Lenten Retreat. During this journey of Lent change-making is expressed by transformation and action, a time of profound reorientation.

Rev. Fr. Jackson Mathews John, born on Sep/1983 in New Delhi, as a member of Janakpuri parish. Completed studies till graduation in Delhi. Continued his Masters, in English Literature from CMS College, Kottayam (2004-2006).

Pursued Theological training from STOTS -Nagpur from 2008-2013 & Ordained as Kasheesho (Priest) in Sept/2013. Served as Assistant Vicar in own parish -Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Janakpuri for 4 years from 2013-2017. Currently serving as Vicar of two parishes -St. George Orthodox Church, Jhansi & St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Allahabad. Also serving as Vice President of MGOCSM -Delhi Diocese.

His family consist of Mrs. Deepa John (beloved Kochamma), Master Ethan Jackson (3.5 yrs Son), living in Janakpuri, New Delhi. His home parish is Ebenezer Orthodox Church, Manganam.

Achen’s souvenir thoughts of Bangalore in the year of La Moriyo Zegtho (YOVELA Camp) is quite crisp even today. Also have a faint memory visiting St. George Orthodox Church, Indiranagar for OVBS.

Venue Details

St.Mary’s Orthodox Church
Begur – Koppa Road, S Bingipura,
Bangalore – 560105

Contacts to get connected in case required

John Koshy: +91 97318 80053
Bijesh George: +91 94835 23697
Binu P. Sunny: +91 94498 15440
Sijo Simon: +91 94480 02249
Shibu Kurian: +91 88841 00113

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